Kerri Williams

Hi, I’m Kerri - artist, designer and chief mischief maker at The Heritage Crafter. I’m obsessed with heritage skills, especially canal art, signwriting and fairground art.

My Dad was a draftsman, engineer and master tinkerer. My eye for detail and fine work came from him. Although he's gone to the great workshop in the sky, I can still hear him telling me 'It'll do when it's finished."

Decorative art is a passion of mine. The world needs more beauty, be it canal art or sign writing. I was lucky enough to be apprenticed to the wonderful Canal Artist, Julie Tonkin. She gave, and still gives, her time and knowledge freely. I shall be forever grateful. I'm proud to have learnt my skills in the traditional way, through hard work without modern short cuts.

As well as painting in my busy workshop, I can be found working with historic canal boats, up and down the network.

Alongside my painted ware, I also welcome boat commissions big and small. I love a good natter, so why not hire me for your museum/school/social group. Grab a cuppa (or pint of rum) and have a look around.