About Little Me

The Heritage Crafter

Hi, I’m Kerri - artist, designer and chief mischief maker at The Heritage Crafter.
I’m obsessed with taking everyday materials and turning them into something beautiful to lift the spirits.

My Nanna May was a talented seamstress, baker and all round Crafter. That woman could turn her hand to anything. She taught me how to bake, crochet, knit, make bobbin lace and quilt. My love of heritage crafts stems from there although I’ve added a few more disciplines to my tool box since then! My Dad was a draftsman, engineer and master tinker. My eye for detail and fine work came from him. Although he's gone to the great workshop in the sky, I can still hear him telling me 'It'll do when it's finished."

Decorative art is a passion of mine. The world needs more beauty, be it canal art or sign writing. I’m lucky enough to be apprenticed to the wonderful Canal Artist, Julie Tonkin. I'll always class myself as an apprentice, because there are always new things to learn.

I'm proud to have learnt my skills in the traditional way, through hard work without modern short cuts.

As well as painting in my busy workshop, I can sometimes be found working with historic canal boats, something that truly inspires me.

My shop is a mix of heritage crafts that I want to help keep alive. Alongside my painted ware, I also welcome commissions big and small.

Grab a cuppa (or pint of rum) and have a look around.



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