A pretty hand painted plant trug/basket, decorated in the traditional ‘roses and castles’ canal art style.

Each long side features 3 different roses (red, white and yellow) and 2 daisies.

Each short side has a single rose (red or yellow) and 2 daises.

The trug is made from thick plastic, with a detachable handle. It measures 53 x 29 cm (21” x 11”)

Each one is a unique piece of art and would look great planted with herbs by a back door, or on top of a boat!

If you would like a coloured trim adding to the handle for and extra £1, please message me.

Garden Trug - Flower Basket

  • Measures 60cm long by 19cm wide by 16cm deep. (24 inch x 7.5 inch x 6.5 inch) 

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